Easter Lily Honorees

Easter Lilies have been given in honor and remembrance of . . .

  • Bernice Petty in memory of her husband, Mr. William R. Petty, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Nicoll and her sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Nohl S. Bender
  • Bonnie Jean von Krogh and Mark Blomberg in memory of Jean and Walter Emerson and Andrew Thomas Wulff
  • The Bradshaw Family in memory of Ken Bradshaw
  • David, Owen and Maryetta Lynch in memory of David’s father, M. David Lynch and Maryetta’s grandmother, Laura Etta Owens
  • Karen Dimick in memory of her grandmother, Verna Herriman
  • Lois Kreuzberger in loving memory of Bob Kreuzberger
  • Martha,  Andy and Brett Woodard in memory of Andy’s grandparents, Brett’s great-grandparents, Herman and Margaret Pfeiffer and Martha’s parents, Brett’s grandparents, Antonio and Cira Delgado
  • Marvin Jensen in memory of Marvin Jensen family
  • Wanda Crane in memory of her parents, Elmer and Stella Crane

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