Holy Week & Easter Events

All worship services are intergenerational and for the whole family.

April 1 @ 10am – Palm Sunday Intergenerational Worship

April 6 @ 6.30pm – Good Friday Worship – reflection & taize music

April 8 @ 7am – Early morning service at Crissy Field near the picnic tables

April 8 @ 10am – Easter Celebration with trumpets (Easter Egg Hunt to follow)

April 15 @ 10am – Interactive Sunday focused on Easter


2 thoughts on “Holy Week & Easter Events

  1. A long time ago I went to a Good Friday service at St John’s in which the Word of God was read, specifically the events surrounding the crucifixion of Christ. With each reading there was a turning down of the lights with the congregation reflecting on our lives and our relationship with God. By the end of the service, only aisle lights remained otherwise we were in complete darkness, and everyone left the chapel in silence after completing our reflection. Is this the Taize service that will take place on Good Friday at St. John’s?

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