Johnson Organ turns 140 years Old

Dear St. John’s family,

2013 is an exciting year for our congregation – it is 140th anniversary of our Johnson Organ. It is hard to believe the congregation has kept the same organ all these years. While many churches have updated and changed their pipe organs, St. John’s has stayed faithful to Johnson which for years has been the center of the musical life of the church and has remained largely unchaged.

The Organ Committee has been working hard on preparing a number of exciting events this year. The primary goal is to introduce new audiences to the beautiful art of pipe organ music. We’re working on creating a brand new concert series; a brochure that would describe the history of the organ; a video about the history and mechanics of the instrument that we could promote through the social media.

To make it all happen, we need your help. As you’re making your commitment to St. John’s this month, please consider making a donation to St. John’s Music fund, or to St. John’s by outlining Organ concert series. Let’s engage our community in celebrating our history. Let’s
make it happen! We will be back with updates on our projects.

Johnson Organ Anniversary Committee


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