Welcome Hyojin Song, Organist

사진Thank you to the Organist Search Team – Shira Lucky, Tarryn Heyns, Marcell Puzsar, Doreen Ewert, and Andrew Beatty for all their hard work. The search team has been meeting since September, where they received and interviewed many qualified candidates. With session approval, we are pleased to announce our new organist Hyojin Song. Hyojin has a DMA in Organ Performance in Sacred Music. She has competed in many national organ competitions where she has placed either first or second place. As a part of her studies, she researched the role of contemporary organ literature in worship services in Korea and the United States. This has led to her passion in discovering ways that organ music can bridge the stylistic gap between traditional and contemporary. She says, “I think that the church musician may facilitate the congregation in expanding its understanding of worship and incorporating music of multiple generations. Traditional and contemporary music can coexist harmoniously with the one purpose of worshiping God.”

In addition to playing the organ, Hyojin also plays the piano, harpsichord, violin, drum, and flute. She lives in El Cerrito with her husband and two sons.

Currently we are in the process of acquiring a Visa for her to work, which determines her start date.


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