Update on Organ Pipes

When we last checked in at the von Beckerath shop, the Christmas holiday was about to begin. Our new pipes had gotten as far as being cast as metal sheets and planed into the correct thickness.

Since early January, a lot has happened. First, the flat sheets of metal were cut into the pieces needed to form the pipes. In this photo, you can see the flat metal in properly sized shapes. The larger sheets will be used to create the lower notes and the smaller ones will become the higher pitched pipes.

photo1Next, each of these individually-sized sheets is formed into a round shape to create the pipe body.

photo2Each pipe is completed once the mouth and foot are soldered onto the pipe body. Here we see the craftsman responsible for making small pipes attaching the foot and body together:

Photo3Here are some of the larger pipes, fully assembled:

Photo4In the case of the Harmonic Flute, a hole is drilled at the precise point where the pipemaker wants the pitch of the pipe:

Photo5In the next week or so the pipes will be packed carefully into crates and flown to San Francisco where they will await the arrival of von Beckerath’s head voicer, Rolf Miele. He will be working in the sanctuary the entire last week of February to make the pipes sound exactly as they are supposed to in their new environment.


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