Easter Lily Honorees

Easter Lilies have been given by . . .

  • Tim Betry, dedicated to Rex “Bapa”
  • Amy Bogan, in memory of Frank Ostrousky
  • Mary Ann Carmichael, in honor of my friends and the ministries of St. John’s
  • Janet and Dick Frisbie
  • Marvin and Beverly Jensen, in memory of Marvin’s late wife Mary Jensen, Beverly’s late husband Robert Malley, parents Carl and Helma Jensen, Mary’s parents George and Alice Washington
  • Lois Kreuzberger, in memory of Robert L. Kreuzberger, parents Dr. and Mrs. Lester Lang
  • Shira Lucky, in honor of Georgia Bresee Couden, Erand Lucky Blacklock, Dr. Keith Bell
  • Deb McGuire, in memory of Marshall Cornell
  • David Miller, in memory of mother Helen Miller
  • Martha and Andy Woodard, in memory of Antonio and Cira Delgado, Nina Ospina, Herman and Margaret Pfeiffer



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