Psalms in Worship

In June, we read through Psalms.

Psalm 1 – They are like a tree replanted by streams of water, which bears fruit at just the right time and whose leaves don’t fade.

Reflecting on the comparison that those who follow the Lord’s instructions are like trees with strong roots, worshipers placed a strip of paper symbolizing the tree and placed in baptismal water. We are reminded that God loves us just as we are.

The soaked paper strips were pulped and turned into a collective piece of paper.


Psalm 113 – God lifts up the poor from the dirt and raises up the needy from the garbage pile to seat them with leaders with the leaders of his own people!

God is worthy of praise because God gives us strength to endure. Reflecting on our faith blossoming and growing, worshipers sprinkled seeds on the paper.


Psalm 69 – Save me, God, because the waters have reached my neck! I have sunk into deep mud. My feet can’t touch the bottom!

While there are Psalms of praise, there are also Psalms of lament. The color purple is the season of Lent where we reflect on deep challenges and pain we experience. Worshipers colored the seeded paper purple as our prayer of lament for ourselves, others, and the world.


Psalm 27 – Hope in the Lord! Be strong! Let your heart take courage! Hope in the Lord!

Out of Psalms of lament, we reorient to Psalms of trust with a deeper sense of hope and faith. Worshipers saw how the seeds took root and began to sprout in the midst of their praise and lament and their prayers. Likewise, our faith roots and sprouts with hope that God hears and answers our prayers.

IMG_5192IMG_5194This seeded paper is planted in the garden of St. John’s as a symbol of our collective journey of blossoming and growing faith and hope for the world.



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